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Foresight Sports ForeCaddy Follow/Remote Control Golf Caddy

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UWB is a short-range, wireless communication protocol that – like Bluetooth or Wi-Fi – uses radio waves. But it differs substantially in that it operates at a very high frequency. As its name denotes, it also uses a wide spectrum of several GHz. One way to think of it is as a radar that can continuously scan an entire room and precisely lock onto an object like a laser beam to discover its location and communicate data.

ForeCaddy modes include:
  • Follow (BETA) - Just clip the remote to your waist, walk, and let ForeCaddy take care of the rest. Note: Follow mode should only be used on the fairway and with at least 7.5 feet of space on each side to ensure safety.
  • Remote - Use the remote to precisely navigate ForeCaddy around the course.
  • Power Assist - Get a little extra "oomph" when pushing ForeCaddy up steeper slopes.
  • Manual - Give ForeCaddy a break and let gravity (with your guidance) handle the work down slopes and gentler terrain.
What's in the box:
  • ForeCaddy Smart Cart
  • Remote control
  • Scorecard & ball holder
  • Umbrella holder
  • Cup holder
  • Phone holder, wireless charger, & USB-C charging cable
  • Battery, external charging base, & charging adapter
  • Additional golf bag security straps
  • Sand bottle holder


Weight with Battery: 35.98 lbs
Open Dimensions: 32.28' x 23.64' x 39.36' inch
Folded Dimensions: 32.28' x 23.64' x 18' inch
Wheel Size: 3.2' x 11.8'
Wireless Range: 65.62 ft Ultra-Wideband Technology for remote control and 55 ft of follow range
Battery Chargable: External base and charging adapter for out of cart charging - Wireless Phone Charger, & USB-C Cable
Time to Full Charge: 8 hrs
Battery: Lithium Ion - 22.2V - easily removeable
Motors: Dual Motors with Downhill Braking
Power Modes:4 (Remote, Power Assist, Manual, Follow Me)
Features: Handle, Power Assist Button, Cart Power Indicator, Acceleration & Deceleration button, Hook, Arm Adjustment Switch, Golf Bag Holder, Cart Power Button, Cart Battery, Cart LED Indicator Light, Golf Bag Belt, Wheels Iron Piece (Magnet Compatible), Column Folding Pedal, Charging Port, External Cart Battery Charging Base, Firmware Upgrade Tool to receive updates to follow mode and remote mode.
Speed: 4.7-7.8 KM/H (Auto Speed Control to make hills a breeze)

Link to the Foresight ForeCaddy Firmware Update:  Click Here!