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Golf Skate Caddy V3 Electric Ride On Golf Caddy

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1. Play Faster and Better with Direct Path to Your Ball

2. One of the most Innovative, Fun and Exciting Electric Golf Trolley on the Market Today

3. Lithium Ion Battery

4. Easily transported in your family sedan, hatchback, 4WD etc.

Golf Skate Caddy was started by brothers Matt and Dan Quinn from the Gold Coast of Australia and their father Tom who helped to design the cart.  GSC launched at the PGA's 2014 Merchandise Show in Orlando, Florida.  Since then, golfers and golf clubs around the world have been jumping to get their hands on the totally unique GSC ever since the first prototypes were released and word quickly spread.

Golf Skate Caddy allows the golfer to play year round due to the low impact on the course. It is also a very fun way to navigate around the golf course. The best part of GSC is that is speeds up the round of golf tremendously which is great for the game of golf.  Check out the new buzz of playing golf while crusing through the fairways on the new Golf Skate Caddy.  Better yet, it will most likely improve your game because you can focus more on your shots and not have to worry about waiting on the golf cart or slowly walking to the ball.  The handle can be folded so it fits in many large Sedan- or station wagons or SUV type vehicles.


The Golf Skate Caddy is a new personal golf transport product that’s revolutionizing the way we play and think about golf. The new product is taking the place of golf carts everywhere because of its many benefits, including less turf damage and optimal physical support for players. The Golf Skate Caddy is also innovating the way golf is played—instead of chasing after everyone’s golf balls in a golf cart, players can go directly to their ball and focus on their game, speeding up play time by up to 25 percent.