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SPITZER Spitzer RL 150 Remote Controlled Caddy

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Specification RL 150
  The Ultra Featherweight
Folded Dimensions 
(L x W x H)
84 x 53 x 25cm 
33 x 21 x 10in
Unfolded dimensions 
(L x W x H)
107 x 53 x 89cm 
42 x 21 x 35in
Net weight 14kg: 11kg caddy + 3kg battery 
30lb: 24lb caddy + 6lb battery
Electric Motor Type 2x Tubular Motor 200W (12V DC)
Battery - LITHIUM ION (600 charge cycles) 
- 24V-10Ah (27 holes)
Charger Smart-Charge DC Trickle Charger 
Input: 100-240V AC 
Output: 24V 3A DC 
Control System SPITZER Logic with Rheostat Speed Control
Max. speed  6 mph / 9 km/h
Max. Remote Distance  100m / 109 yards
Max. Incline (degrees)  30
Max. Loading 35 kg / 77 lbs
Wheels (Front & Rear) - Rubberized Ultra-grip tread 
- No air required
- Quick-Release Rear Wheels (11.5") 
- Front Wheels with adjustable tracking 
Frame Construction  - Aviation Grade Aluminum Tubing "X-Frame" 
- Tri-Coat Paint System
Warranty 1 year
Features - Lithium Ion Power and Lightweight! 

- Easy to Use Controls 

- USB charger port


LITHIUM-ION POWER and the SPITZER Electric Golf Cart technology are a perfect marriage of golf equipment and advanced technology.

LITHIUM-ION batteries offer the power and range of conventional lead-acid batteries while being up to 75% lighter!



  • No battery memory effect
  • No need to maintain a minimum battery charge!
  • Run a full 18 holes on one charge


  • The RL150 Electric Golf trolley gives you the freedom to walk the course without the burden of carrying your heavy bag, resulting in a more enjoyable and focused game.


The RL150 features quality craftmanship with Aviation Grade Aluminum Frame with Alloy folding hardware components

Powered by a lightweight LITHIUM ION battery! No more heavy lead-acid batteries!

Features a fully functional SPITZER Secure Anti-Jamming remote with 100 yard range


  • Battery Indicator LED Lights
  • Long Range SPITZER Secure Anti-Jamming Remote Control (uses 2xAAA batteries)
  • Variable speed adjustment to match your unique walking speed
  • Resume last speed with a push of the "Go" Button
  • Auto-Run Timer - allow trolley to cruise ahead for a fixed distance
  • Integrated USB Charger Port (for charging GPS, Smartphones) 


  1. Universal Golf Bag fit (stand or cart bags) with Height Adjustable handle
  2. Spitzer Anti-Jamming Remote Control
  3. Battery and high amperage quick charger
  4. Compact folding size with detachable wheels
  5. Easily stored in a trunk of a car, with a set of clubs
  6. Ships in a fully insulated carton box