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uper E Caddy! The only Electric Golf cart with a Built in 6 Pack Cooler. Wireless Remote Control, Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery goes 27 Holes on 1 Charge

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  • Super E Caddy works on a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that lasts for 27 holes on 1 charge. Has a variable speed multifunctional remote which makes it very easy to use. Also included on the cart is a button for forward/backward. If the battery is not working from being discharged, the cart can freewheel with a simply unlock on the wheels. It is able to do double duty, push or electric.
  • The Super E Caddy comes with all the accessories you are going to need. This includes a built-in cooler that holds up 6 cans of beverages, built in seat for taking a break, umbrella holder, drink holder, ball, tee and score card holder.
  • The all-metal frame and metal wheels give this electric cart an overall solid feel and set up in just a few minutes. Includes bungee straps for your bag. Larger back wheel give the Super E Caddy stability, especially on hilly courses.
  • Commercial grade construction for daily use on the golf course. High torque twin motors with a sealed gearbox make for quiet walk.
  • Folds down for easy storage. Weighs on 44 lbs. and has a 2-year warranty from the manufacturer.
  • Super E Caddy Electric golf push cart with a built in 6 pack cooler

    Super E Caddy the best electric golf push cart

    Fully loaded electric golf push cart

    Fully loaded electric golf cart

    The Super E comes bundled with all the accessories you are going to need on the course. This includes a drink holder, score card storage, a seat and 6-can cooler. These accessories normally are expensive extras and definitely gives the Super E an advantage. Our favorite accessory is by far the cooler. It snaps nicely onto the cart and will definitely be appreciated by your foursome when you will start handing out drinks!

    Dimensions of Super E Caddy when folded.

    Dimensions of the golf cart when folded